Saturday, 1 August 2020

when Server Down what to do ? Server Down  what to do ?
when i am opening website we are getting  error sometime it is showing loading issue .
It happened when  many user comes at on time on same website , as this website is fetching data fro database i means to say it has database connection that's why  it is  slow and hanging .
wait for it  , no need to worry some much , student can try later at end of the day or tomorrow or later , because no such last date has mentioned so student has  other days to submit the form and do the login .

may of you are getting  issue like this when 11th admission server down cant be reached
its because of heavy load please try later in evening or tomorrow still  there is plenty of time  to fill FYJC online Form Part 1. once part 1 will get filled part 2 will be available .I am sure developer of this website is working to fix this issue . to handle the load of thousands of people  on one website at same time.
once things will get resolved then again student can submit the for and pay the payment . 
but if any issue happened already then contact your school or college regarding to this issue.

before filling the form please know you  your eligibility.
Cut off list
Know your eligibility

Before making any changes pls view the eligibility by entering your number range
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