Thursday, 30 July 2020

FYJC online Mobile app | Android app Google play store

Fyjc online admission app is  going to be launched around 1st of august, these information student can get from officilal website.
The reason is very strong to launch these 11th admissiononline mobile app is Covid19 outbreak .

So , it could be Android app or you can say MAC app is whenever  it will be launch it will
 help the student and their parents to fill form 1 and part 1 and part 2  online .
These days many of the student  stuck  to fill the form on  mobile  , many don't have android or smartphone mobile so  they are visiting cyber cafe .

To reduce these kind of gathering and crowd at one place will provide idea about FYJC online app .

 If it won't be there student can find same description on website or for the pune region  website .
 Same for the Nagpur and Nashik and Aurangabad and Amravati .

 It is good idea to avoid conflict between two people when they are gathering together in
 cyber cafe. individual app is sufficient to handle all these. if any one person have availability of internet  connection on their phone then many  user can use this.
 If student or user unable to take internet connection then also they can use data from their mobile like  reliance , Airtel and other type of mobile network  which are providing internet connection.

But , It depends how these app will be launched wither it will available on google play store or the apk file would be individual selection or decision .

Its very simple to install Android app in mobileof  11th admissiononline mobile app.

Just download the .apk file and  install it . after installation please provide your credential like userId or password whatever you got from Online Registration  online Mobile app
For more information visit official website for mobile app.
So the advantage off mobile app is that website will be somewhere on your mobile no need to remember the website url always .

Call center is also provided so people can ask their doubt  directly instead asking to many people .
because if u will ask many people even they are not sure they can provide random answer , but if u will keep asking to people who belongs to their organization then they will help you is proper way exactly.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

FYJC Online Apps | How To Download

FYJC Online Apps | How To Download
Now these days its android and apps day.
everyone is looking same for that how to download mobile apps , fyjc mumbai login site apps .
because apps are very fast as compare to simple website .
to  open fyjc login website if you dont know the URL then then you have to search in internet or google ,

then click on respective link some of links were broken , some of there not working so it is one kind of lazy searching .
thats why i am searching how can we download fyjc apps and tell other to the same.

Advantage :- once we got fyjc online admission apps or fyjc Apps for android we can directly click on apps and get the latest information while
Internet is working.if any one of you get idea how to download fyjc apps please share or make comment so we can forward more 

Download APK File
using apps user do not need to remember site or blog url just by double clicking user will get latest info .
for these app user need android system on his mobile if he has iphone or window phone then i have to check how it works.till the time your feedback is important.
so get update in fyjc online admission process through fyjc online apps.

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